So Very Close

We are so close to getting this book out there for the public that it is both exciting and terrifying. I was talking to Laura the other day trying to remember when the book was originally written. She reminded me that it was written for Nation Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in 2006. Seeing as November is NaNoWriMo that means it was exactly six years ago that Crumbling Walls, though it was untitled at the time, was born. Time is such a funny thing. It seems like both an eternity and just a second ago since she gave it to me to read. I don’t know what Laura’s intentions were for this story, but it was clear to me after I finished reading it that it was definitely something I could see on the shelves of bookstores.

My measure of a good book is if I can’t put it down because I need to know what happens next. As anyone who knows us is already aware of, Laura and I (along with significant others and later children) vacation together every summer. In the summer of 2007 we were traveling out to the Grand Canyon. As everyone who was with us that year will tell you, every free moment was spent by me sitting and reading this story Laura gave me that she has written. There were a couple of times I even choose not to join the others on excursions, instead staying behind at the campsite to read more. I both wanted and needed to know what happened next.

Considering we are now within months of publishing Crumbling Walls, it is strange to think back at everything that had to happen to get us to this point. As one of the characters in the book says when faced with this same question, “entirely too much.”  Entirely too much indeed.  Perhaps someday I’ll sit down and document that story, but to fully do it justice I would have to start well before 2006 and I just don’t have the energy or time right now.  Just know, in actuality, that the story of the publishing of Crumbling Walls began in September 1976 when Laura was born.  The next chapter occurred two months and ten days later when I was born.  And entirely too much has happened between then and now.

I hope you are all ready to get your copies, because we are so very close now.


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Plugging Away

It’s been a little while since I have updated everyone on our progress.  Please don’t think my silence indicates lack of progress.  Quite the contrary, my silence has been due to spending a lot of time working on this little project.  Laura finally finished her re-writes, which I must admit took the story to a new level.  I was working diligently with her during this process.  I also re-read the entire book to look for any grammatical errors or typos, as well as to make sure all of the re-writes flowed well.  I’ve also contacted a printer to start to work on making this thing a reality by, hopefully, the end of this year.

I must admit, I’ve had so many ideas of things I wanted to do/try over the years, but never followed through on out of fear.  I was raised to be cautious and avoid risks.  All of my past ideas were suppressed by these feelings.  What’s amazing about what we are doing now is that those apprehensions are still there, but my will to do this is far greater than any feelings or fears that would hold me back.  It’s nerve-wracking, but also very exciting at the same time.

Don’t forget about our indiegogo founding campaign which is now in its last few weeks.  All said we’ve got about $2600.  We’re hoping to finish strong.

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Some Changes

Well folks… unfortunately there already existed a Fedora Press here in Pennsylvania. We’ve been forced to change a few things. Our business is now officially registered with the state of Pennsylvania as Orange Publishing, LLC. Of course, that forced us to change the logo because having a fedora hat as a logo didn’t make sense.

We also had to change the web address, which presented some challeneges as was already taken. We went through a number of variations, some of which weren’t available, others we just didn’t like. We finally arrived at and agreed upon

BTW… that’s our new logo at the top.  Thanks for your continued support as we move forward.

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Getting Closer

So, we passed the half way point in our funding campaign ( about a week ago. Eventhough it shows $480 raised we have quite a few contributions that were given to us directly as opposed to through the website. If we add those in we’re at about $2600 raised. With a goal of $5000 you can see we’re doing well.

However, there is even bigger and more exciting news. Yesterday we went ahead and submitted the necessary forms to make Orange Fedora Publishing a legal entity. In about two weeks we will be a registered company in the state of Pennsylvania. I have to keep reminding myself that we are actually going though with this. We are well beyond the point of just talking about it.  Each step we take forward with this project is just a little more nerve-racking, but also exponentially more exciting.

The reality of what Laura and I have been talking about doing for most of our lives is getting closer and closer.  And if passion for something is an indicator of success, there is no way we can fail.  As they say, only time will tell, but that time is growing short.  Relatively speaking, it won’t be long now before we know the fate of this dream.

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The Middle Doldrums

The indiegogo funding campaign is started, the cover design is finalized, the back blurb is finalized, Laura is working on final additions and deletions to make sure everything is right where she wants it… and I’m just in a holding pattern right now.  I’m trying to remind people about the indiegogo campaign, but there is only so much I can do for that.  Plus, since most people are prone to giving at either the very beginning of or the very end of something, we’re in the middle doldrums.  I made the funding campaign 120 days (the longest allowed) in order to give us plenty of time to get everything ready.  However, by doing this, I also extended how long this middle part is… where nothing much happens.

Laura, jokingly, accused me of stalking this project because evertime I saw she saved a change to the text I opened it to see what she did.  But, since she is a compulsive saver who clicks save after every couple of words, you could say I was being somewhat obsessive.  I feel like I need to be doing something, but what I really need to be doing is accepting that there really isn’t much for me to do right now.  God knows there will be plenty of work in a couple of months.  I need to take this opportunity to just chill.  I’ll do me bes… wait Laura just saved an update, I gotta go!!!

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So Laura had a realization the other day.  Though I’m sure we both knew this subconsciously neither of us had actually said it out loud.  Laura finally did.  Once this book is published, that’s it.  The story is set in stone so to speak.  You can’t really go back and make any major changes.  Maybe fixing a typo or adding a comma that was missed in a future print run, but no adding or deleting whole sections.  The story has to be right where you want it to be.  And, if it is part of a series, as this one is, you have to make sure everything is in there that is necessary to set up the future stories.

I think this freaked Laura out a little bit.  Afterall this is her baby.  I don’t know if all authors go through a period like this just before publishing, but it is a little nerve wracking to realize that it has to be perfect now becuase there isn’t a second chance to make it so. As such, Laura is spending a lot of time right now going through the story very carefully one last time to make sure all plot elements are just right.

We’ll, of course, proof-read it several more times to fix grammer and/or typos.  But we are now at the point where the story itself needs to be finalized.  I will say, I’ve seen the edits that Laura has made so far and I believe every one of them makes the story stronger.  She is currently working on the last section that needs polishing which, by the way, may very well end up being one of the most powerful sections of the book.  Once this is done, as the cliche goes, and quite literally in this case, that’s all she wrote.

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Twilight Reference

In an earlier post I answered a number of questions a friend had regarding this venture. One of the questions pertained to what genre this series falls under and she specifically asked about Twilight. In my response I noted that I hadn’t read the books nor seen the Twilight movies. I also said there was no love triangle in this series and you wouldn’t have to choose Team Edward or Team Jacob. The conflict in our series comes from other sources. I do want to be clear though, because I know how loved the Twilight books are, that I don’t have an opinion on them. It would be very unfair of me to hold a good or bad view of them based solely on what others have said.

I do, however, have an opinion on one thing when it comes to the Twilight series. Based only on casting and looks (very shallow, I know) Taylor Lautner is 500% hotter than Robert Pattinson… therfore I am Team Jacob all the way. Sorry Team Edward.  I do admit that Robert Pattinson is a better actor though and gets bonus points for playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter.

Check out our indiegogo campaign to help us get this series off the ground and to “reserve” your copy of our first book from the initial print run:

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Earlier I posted the story of how Laura and I came up with the name Orange Fedora Press. If you missed it, be sure to read it. Well, I wanted to share with all of you photos of me wearing the original orange fedora at the Corn Palace. As you’ll recall from the origin story, we did not buy this one. However, I do have one that looks just like it that Laura bought for me a couple of years ago.

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Its Coming Together

I have to say that there is something extremely satisfying in seeing this project come together. I have no idea how successfull we’ll be in this venture, but the process of putting all of these pieces together has been fun. Laura and I have worked hard and sent tons of emails and texts back and forth in trying to work out a title, cover design and, most recently, back cover blurb. And each time we finalize something new, I look at the whole thing and think, “WOW, this looks more and more like a book you could pick up off the shelves of any bookstore.” Wait… no, “this looks like a book you would WANT to pick up…”

We’re getting so close to this becoming a reality. I do hope it continues to be as fun as it has been up to this point.

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Answers to Questions

I had a friend ask a few questions yesterday that she was curious about.  I figured I would post the answers here just in case anyone else was wondering the same things.  I think you’ll be able to figure out what the questions were from context.

1. I don’t think drama is a book category, but that’s how I would describe it.  I’ve never read the Twilight books so I can’t compare them.  There is no love triangle going on in this story.  You don’t have to choose Team Edward or Team Jacob.  There is a love story element, but so much more to it than just that.  Aside from the typical ‘coming of age’ themes, some other heavier themes are dealt with as well.  I can’t really say much more without giving away major parts of the story.  It is not a horror story though.  It is written as Young Adult fiction, so think of it as being written on the level of Hunger Games as opposed to Les Miserables.  We don’t have an official back cover blurb yet… but here is what we have right now (I wrote this… not Laura):

Jack didn’t know anything about her, except that she was always on her front porch when he rode his bike past her house.  Being new to the neighborhood he also didn’t know anyone he could ask.  He wanted to know more, but how does a 15 year old boy just start talking to an attractive girl he’s never met before?  Well, sometimes fate can help an ill-conceived plan. Jack could never have predicted what would happen after meeting Emily.  She introduces him to some fun and interesting people.  He introduces her to his large, loving, and sometimes hysterical family.  He shows her parts of life she’s never experienced and she shows him things he’s never seen.  But, sometimes, in the course of getting to know someone, you end up having to go face to face with their demons.  As they have fun, learn, grow and mature together both wonderful and horrible things follow.  Secrets are revealed and walls come down.

2. Yes, she does have a editor.  A very talented individual named David Measel.  Unfortunately we will probably not be able to afford a professional editor for this book.  The story has gone through some rewrites as a result of different people reading it and giving suggestions.  I’ve been the last one to read it multiple times looking for grammar, typos and plot issues.  I’m sure I’ll read it a couple more times before printing.  I’m personally comfortable with where the story is right now.  And how it sets up Book #2… which I have also already read, requested some changes and re-read after the rewrite.

3.  As far as printing goes there two methods of printing.  The traditional method is off-set printing which requires large orders of thousands of copies at a time, but costs less per book.  It also is high quality as it is the way printing has been done for years.  There is a newer method called print-on-demand.  You can order only the copies you need at that moment even if it is just a couple.  When print-on-demand was first introduced quality was noticeably less than off-set.  However, print on demand quality has improved drastically which makes it a nice alternative for self-publishers or new publishers.  I know you didn’t ask about printing methods, but they are closely related to you’re question concerning e-publishing because when you’re comparing traditional publishing to e-publishing printing methods go hand-in-hand with traditional publishing.  Anyway… traditional publishing means choosing a printing method and establishing a distribution network to get the book out into the public’s hands… whether that be through large chains like Barnes and Nobles, online through Amazon or through small independant book-sellers.  E-publishing means you get the book converted into an eBook file which is then downloaded by people to their iPads, Nooks, Kindles, etc.  The only real difference is you don’t have to print physical paper copies of the book.  You still have to work with a distributer to get the book into the market through eBook retailers.  Remember, both Laura and I are new to this and will be learning as we go.

4.  Marketing is probably going to be the most difficult part for us.  Being brand new we don’t have an established network within the industry on which to rely.  We also don’t have a ton of money to work with.  So, its going to have to be a very grassroots thing using personal networks, doing book signings at local bookstores, trying to get the book into the hands of people who can write reviews.  As far as getting reviews written we’ll again have to rely on smaller, local reviewers as getting someone at the New York Times will be just as impossible as getting the book published by Scribner.  Of course, social marketing is a good option as well.  If we can get the book into the hands of bloggers that have a relatively nice following to have them do reviews that would be nice.  

If anyone has any insights into these areas and wants to share, please do.  As I stated above this will be a learning process for both Laura and I, but you have to start somewhere.

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