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What We’ve All Been Waiting For

A quarter score and two years ago my cousin brought forth unto this great nation a new novel conceived in the dark recesses of her mind and dedicated to the proposition that all books are created equal… or not.

OK… enough of that.  Translation: Laura wrote a cool book about seven years ago.  Whether she had dreams of it being published someday is only known to her.  What is known to the rest of us is that approximately six years after writing it, she began working with me to start Orange Publishing with the express mission to publish this book (and others if we were successful).  There’s been a lot of work done, many hours spent on this labor of love, and numerous milestones along the way, but on June 1, 2013 the event for which all humankind (at least in our minds it’s all of humankind) has been waiting occurred: the official print edition release of Crumbling Walls.  That’s right.  All versions of the book are now available and being shipped.

So, remember, the only thing we have to fear is fear of not selling enough books.  Please help us out by getting yourself a copy if you haven’t yet and be sure to tell all of your friends, family, co-workers, random people you pass on the street, that guy who is ahead of you in line at the coffee shop, the cop who pulls you over for speeding even though you weren’t speeding and there is obviously something wrong with his radar, the telemarketer who calls to try to sell you life insurance, the teller at the bank (does anyone still go inside banks?), the cashier at the grocery store, that cute guy/girl you’re hitting on right now, your neighbor who doesn’t cut their grass in a timely manner (sorry to admit it, but that’s actually me), the person who will cut you off while merging onto the freeway tomorrow (hopefully this is NOT me), Ellen Degeneres, my mom, your mom, his mom, her mom, your mom’s mom, your mom’s mom’s best friend, your grandma, the lady that gives your grandma her perm, the mom of the lady who gives your grandma a perm, Ellen Degeneres’s mom, the person who cuts Ellen Degeneres’s mom’s hair, Phil, Mike, Lori, Keisha, Henry… well you get the point… to go buy a copy now.

Thanks everyone.  You are all the awesomest people ever.



Don’t forget we have a book signing at Book-a-Million at Park City Mall in Lancaster, PA.

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Mom Knows Best?

So, my mom called me today to tell me she finished reading Crumbling Walls.  Well, actually she called me to brag about how beautiful Hawaii is.  She is there on a two week vacation with my dad and two of their friends.  Let me tell you, retirement has been rough on the two of them.  They just got back from a month long trip that included Alaska, Seattle and Vancouver … and now Hawaii.  I suppose they deserve it.  They both worked very, very hard in their lives and should be enjoying themselves now.  Plus they had to raise my brother.  That in and of itself deserves several extremely relaxing vacations to exotic locations.

But I digress.  It was the discussion we had about the book that I wanted to share.  First, let me tell you that my mom was one of the lucky few that read the very original draft of Crumbling Walls and has now read the published version.  Let me also tell you that she is a retired teacher.  And finally, as much as I love her, she can be VERY critical at times.  She told me that she thought the final version was great, that the characters and story were brilliant … but … there is always a ‘but’ with her … she had two complaints.  She felt that the characters (especially the adults) said ‘yeah’ instead of ‘yes’ too much.  She felt the adults, in particular, would say ‘yes’ as opposed to ‘yeah.’  Her other complaint was that in the dialogue the use of ‘I’ and ‘me’ were used incorrectly (ie. Me and Emily are gonna go … instead of Emily and I).  I have to admit, I was impressed.  If these were her only two complaints then I think we did a pretty awesome job.  

Which brings me to these complaints.  I told her that I decided very early on that I would only correct spelling errors on things inside of quotes.  I figured the characters belonged to Laura and they should speak the way she wanted them to … bad grammar and all.  In my opinion it makes the characters more real … accessible.  My mom said she found it to be somewhat annoying at times.  I suppose she has a point.  I can understand that for some of our adult readers we could have cleaned it up a little more.  But I also think it is OK the way we have it.

So what do you all think?  Yeah … Dave’s mom has a point.  Or yeah, I think Dave is right.  Your opinion does matter to us.  But remember, me and Laura are probably gonna do what me and Laura do.  That’s just how we roll 🙂  

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