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Contributions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Here is one we were given by one of Laura’s ex-coworkers.

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Origins of the Name

Many people may feel that Orange Fedora is a strange name for a publishing company. Honestly, we agree… but we like it. Let me explain how it came to be. Many years ago Laura and I (Dave) went on a trip out west accompanied by Laura’s husband Chris, who often joins us on our escapades. Along the way we stopped at the world famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Inside there was a sort of craft show and one of the stands had a bright orange fedora on display. Now, as I’m sure you are all well aware of, I am obsessed with the color orange. I was immediately attracted to this hat. How could I not be? It was nearly as bright as the sun. At any rate I tried it on, some laughs were had and several pictures were taken (We’ll share the pictures sometime later). For whatever reason though, I did not buy the hat. Perhaps I had a moment of clarity and realized I would never actually wear the hat in public… or, more likely since we were in college at the time, none of us had any money. We may never know for sure what we were all thinking when we left the hat there at the Corn Palace that day. What we can be sure about is that about 12 or 13 years later Laura found the same orange fedora in a catalogue and purchased it as a gift for me. It may well be the best gift I have ever received.
Flash forward a few more years. The time came for naming the new publishing company and Orange Fedora just made too much sense not to choose. That’s it. That’s where our company name came from. It’s as good an origin story as any in our humble opinions. And maybe, if the company becomes successful, I’ll have an excuse to wear the orange fedora out.


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Hello world!

Hello world.  This is the Orange Fedora Press blog where we will be posting about our funding campaign and other fun and exciting events at Orange Fedora.  We hope you enjoy it.

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