Laura and Dave are cousins who grew up much more like brother and sister.  Though Laura was always the bigger book worm, from an early age, the dream was for Dave to write and Laura to illustrate.  As we all know, life sometimes has its own ideas of how things should work.  It turns out Laura wrote the book… and a very good one at that.

Since it is nearly impossible for new writers to get noticed by the large publishing houses, we have decided to start our own publishing company, Orange Publishing (named because of Dave’s obsession with the color orange).  Our initial project will be to get Laura’s first book on the market.  Since this book is the first of a series, future goals will be, of course, to publish future works (one of which is complete, another of which is half finished).  Once we have our feet wet and are able to build capacity, we’ll start to look for other great, undiscovered talent to help.  Remember, Harry Potter was initially published by a small house because the larger houses wouldn’t take a chance on an unknown author.


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